Rhino Fleece® is a 100% Spill Proof and Impact Resistant 'roll out' Floor Protector. With a self-adhesive backing, it sticks to the floor or surface and doesnt move until you peel it off, not tape required! 

Lays Fast! 
Simply roll out, smooth into place and trim

  •  Safer than dust sheets, stays in place
    Stays securely in place, does not require tape or additional fixing
  •  Stays in place
    Self-adhesive, once applied Rhino Fleece doesn’t ruck or travel
  •  No Residue   
    Special technology ensures that the adhesive remains on the product and doesn’t transfer to the protected surface upon removal
  •  Impact Resistant
    Thick fibre layer creates excellent impact protection
  •  Water-proof
    100% waterproof, holds spills and protects against wet foot traffic
  •  No Scratch
    The soft fleece sticks to the surface to be protected, on the other side is polythene to keep out spills
  •  Easy to handle
    Supplied 1 metre wide and on 25 metre length rolls to enable you to handle and transport easily
  •  Brand

  • Rhino® is a tried and tested brand, a brand you can trust. Rhino products currently include Rhino Board and Rhino Fleece

    Rhino Fleece has been manufactured specifically for protecting floors and all surfaces

    With unique properties it really is one of the best temporary surface protection products on the market

    With huge stocks we can meet your needs no matter how fast you need it, next-day is standard

    Rhino® is a brand owned and developed by Tempro Ltd

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