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Tempro can provide all your Polythene Sheeting with Fantastic Prices and Quality Guaranteed

We stock a massive range which is available for Next-Day or even Same-Day delivery services across the UK and Europe. We also export worldwide

Polythene Sheeting and Rolls are one of our most popular products due to the huge versatility and number of uses which includes, Temporary Floor and Surface Protection, Packaging, Weather Proofing, DPM Damp Proof Membrane, DIY Projects and many more

The thickness of polythene sheeting is measured in gauge (g) or microns (m). Gauge was the traditional imperial measurement of polythene thickness which has now been replaced by micron as the European metric standard. The higher the number of gauge or micron,  the thicker the polythene sheeting is. The gauge of polythene can easily be converted to micron by dividing it X 4. Also, if you want the thickness in millimetres then just divide the gauge by 4000. As an example, 1000 gauge = 250 micron = 0.25mm. 

Popular uses for Polythene Sheeting (poly sheet)

Light duty Polythene Sheeting (62.5 micron or 250g) - ideally protection when painting, spraying or as a dust cover and for light duty general wrapping for storage and transit.

Medium duty polythene (125 micron or 500g) - for all round protection and as a covering for furniture and large items. Ideal for protecting floors when painting and decorating. Also used for cloches, ground warming and for medium duty general wrapping for storage and transit, Black 500g Polythene is very popular

Heavy Duty Polythene Sheeting (250 micron or 1000g) - Perfect for heavy duty applications such as a DPM damp proof membrane, for mixing cement, temporary roof covering, temporary window repairs, industrial protection, weather protection and for heavier duty wrapping for storage and during transit.

Black Polythene will deteriorate at a much slower rate when exposed to ultra violet light (sun light) and is also ideal to add privacy to your goods or site etc

We can manufacture to your exact specifications including print

We supply single, centre and multi-folded films, multi-folded are easier to store
Our range includes Tuffreel, Megafilm, Visqueen and more...
We will not be beaten on price

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