Say Good Bye to Dust Sheets!

Sticky Shield is taking the construction industry by storm

This unique puncture resistant polythene is coated with a low tack adhesive on one side, allowing you to simply un-roll and stick to ANY Floors, Carpets, Windows & Surfaces where it will stay in place as a protective skin until you simply peel it off when your job is complete

No contractors like preparation or cleaning up, they want to simply get the Job Done.... well with the Sticky Shield range of Self Adhesive Protection Films you can massively cut your preparation time as our products are super quick to apply allowing you to cover large areas very quickly

Cleaning up is a thing of the past, not only can you work quicker as the odd spill will not be the end of the world, but when you have finished you simply peel off Sticky Shield to reveal a perfectly clean and un-damaged or scratched surface

Mess and Accidents are common during any type of construction or building work, our products protect from foot traffic, spilt paint, dropped plaster etc

Sticky Shield® is a registered trademark and a brand you can trust...

Beware of plain, unbranded protection films as these have no trace of origin and can often leave a glue residue!
Sticky Shield® constantly receives rave reviews from blue chip customers across the UK and Europe

Colour coded for complete peace of mind, ensuring your contractor never applies the wrong film to the surface

Printed with the Sticky Shield logo showing your clients it is a quality product

Also printed with the film "type"

Very competitively priced and backed up with our price guarantee*

Don't leave it to chance... choose Sticky Shield®

Sticky Shield® Carpet Protector (GREEN)

Sticky Shield® Window Protector (BLUE)

Sticky Shield® Hard Surface Protector (RED)

Sticky Shield® Black Out Window Protector (BLACK)

Available in Widths from 600mm to 1200mm and roll lengths 25 metres to 100 metres

We also stock  Sticky Shield® Protection Tape for window frames etc


Carpet Protector (green print)

600MM x 25M £9.95 Per Roll

600MM x 50M £19.95 Per Roll

600MM x 100M £39.95 Per Roll

1200MM x 50M £39.95 Per Roll

1200MM x 100M £69.98 Per Roll

Window Protector (blue print)

600MM x 25M £8.95 Per Roll

600MM x 50M £18.50 Per Roll

600MM x 100M £24.95 Per Roll

Hard Surface Protector (red print)

600MM x 25M £9.95 Per Roll

600MM x 50M £19.95 Per Roll

1200MM x 50M £39.95 Per Roll

Blackout Window Protector (black)

600MM x 50M £19.95 Per Roll

To discuss your requirements please call 01268 768 768 now

From Under £10 Per Roll!