Always use Temporary Floor, Carpet, Window and Surface Protection Materials

When it comes to construction, redecorating and any other inside job, the worst part of it is cleaning. It’s easy to leave a mess behind, to drop tools on a marble floor or any other things that will make clean up and repair a time consuming and most often a costly job. If you have a business in the construction industry you know very well about the mess that can be left behind and damage that can be done to a customers expensive floor, carpet or surface.

The problem is that many construction workers don’t consider this and they just want to do their job fast and move to another one. But this kind of attitude creates a loss in profit and an increase in unhappy customers. Damage that come from dropped tools or chemical spills and debris can be extremely harmful to any kind of floors, carpets and surfaces and sometimes repairing or replacing these surfaces can take even longer than the construction job itself. But that is a thing of the past because we have the solution for you!

Temporary Surface Protection is the solution in this case. Here we provide a massive range of tried and tested Temporary Surface Protection Materials that work great for any kind of surface and makes your job easier. We have products for carpet protection, floor protection, window protection, kitchen, hard floor, tiles, marble, laminate, real wood, porcelain and much more. Think about the benefits this simple to apply solution is going to have for your business. Not to mention the impression you are going to leave behind for your clients when you take good care of their surfaces.

A lot of time construction teams don’t offer this kind of protection and that leaves a very hard to clean mess behind. Also, the surfaces are more exposed to damage and will often need repairing or replacing, not how you want a refurbishment or fit-out project to go. But with Tempro Temporary Carpet Protector or Floor Protection Films or our Correx (corex) Corrugated Plastic, you can make sure that the surfaces are always protected.

We have a variety of protective coverings, that can be used on carpets, floors, windows, worktops, hard surfaces, glass, sanitaryware, boat and ship decks and any other kind of surfaces. We literarly cover all your needs! Our extra heavy duty protection correx (corex corrugated plastic sheets and rolls can protect even the most sensible ones from dropped tools, spilt paint, general dust and any kind of debris. Your surfaces will be protected even from spilt chemicals. They are easy to apply but also easy to remove, leaving behind clean and protected floors and surfaces

You just lay the protection film or product over the places you want to protect, do your work without worry and remove it afterwards to reveal perfectly clean surfaces. Your clients will appreciate your care and professionalism and this helps recommendations! It also saves your team a lot of time and effort in preperation and cleaning up, time that can be spent doing the actual construction work that you are good at and paid for or another job! That means your productivity will increase, alongside with having much happier customers that will come back again and again.

Our temporary protection materials are high quality, branded, tried and tested products and can cover a variety of substrates. Hard floors, glass, carpets, vinyl, real wood, marble, porcelain, natural stone, you name it. For every surface that you need to protect we have a temporary covering suitable for you, simply call us on 01268 768 768 for advise or samples.

We also have the lowest prices in the industry because we want to deliver you the best quality at the cheapest price. No more damaged surfaces after refurbishment or building work, no more time and money wasted in clean-ups and repairs. Your employees will love it because it will make their job easier and more pleasant for them, but more importantly your clients will love it because their surfaces will be protected and kept clean while their house, building or company gets a makeover

You can call our sales team and find more about our ranger and what works better for your needs. Call us now at 01268 768 768