Welcome to TEMPRO

Leaders in Temporary Floor, Carpet & Surface Protection

Buy Correx & Temporary Floor, Carpet, Window & Surface Protection direct from Tempro

Welcome to TEMPRO®

Leaders in the supply of Temporary Floor, Carpet, Window & Surface Protection Materials

Stop the mess and damage caused when any type of building or refurbishment is taking place with our wide range of proven Floor, Carpet, Window and Surface Protection Materials

We always supply proven brands where possible at very competitive prices, backed up with our Price Guarantee*

Our range includes;

- Sticky Shield Self Adhesive Protection Films for Carpets, Hard Floors, Hard Surfaces, Windows & Glass

- Correx (corex) Corrugated Plastic supplied in Sheets and on the Roll

- Builders Board super heavy duty spill resistant board, 1.2mm thick and even safe for fork lift trucks!

- Rhino Board medium duty floor protector, 100% spill proof

- Rhino Fleece Floor Protector, this felt based floor protection has a peal-able adhesive one-side and polythene the other

plus many more products

One of the largest costs in both time and money during any type of building, refurbishment or construction projects is caused by having to “replace damaged surfaces”

Whether it’s a dropped tool on a marble floor or paint, plaster, chemicals and grout spillages drying to kitchen worktops and windows, the cleaning up and repairing process can be a painful and time consuming task. Not to mention the money spent replacing the material if it can’t be repaired.

Most contractors and Builders hate both Preparation and cleaning-up, they simply want to “get the job done” as fast as possible

However this attitude is the cause of huge financial loss to companies and individuals across the globe, you would be surprised how many construction companies do not prepare and protect their clients surfaces

Our range of Temporary Surface Protection Materials are innovative and extremely quick to use. With our products you can prepare large areas very quickly, allowing you to get on with “your job” straight away. Plus with all surfaces protected, you can work much quicker

Trust Tempro® to remove the huge costs and inconvenience of Damaged Surfaces

No more miserable, time consuming clean-ups! Simply remove your Tempro Surface Protection to reveal a perfectly clean and undamaged surface

So there you have it, for super quick preparation and super quick clean-ups, choose Tempro. Your time is better spent on “what you do” and your money is better spent on Tempro Surface Protection instead of costly clean-ups and replacement of Floors and Surfaces

Add a professional touch to your company; protect your clients Floors & Surfaces everytime

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